Intrusion detection systems protect property, assets and people 24 hours a day. Protect your business against intrusion with smart, reliable systems that keep watch on your facilities day and night. 24/7 Responsive Central Station

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  • Design

    We design the most effective Security system to meet your specific needs.  we have the knowledge and expertise needed. Our team will survey of your site, audit your security, then discuss your needs and goals.

  • Install

    Once the hardware and software are installed, the system will go through our checklist and then is ready to go live.

  • Monitor

    You will decide on things like arming times, main keyholder contacts, Passwords and authorities contacts. Now the software is active; any security breaches will be detected, and acted upon by our highly-trained Intervention Specialist at the Communication Hub.

  • Maintain

    Continuous maintenance and upgrades are available through our network. Along with regular onsite maintenance and daily system health checks

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