Locks are the popular face of security. Everyone is familiar with these mechanical or electronic devices that attach to doors, containers and other objects to restrict access, protect property and send the universal message, “Keep out!”

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Although quite common, locks come in a variety of types for many different purposes in residences and businesses such as retail stores, hotels and government installations.

If you are a New York City area home or business owner, interested in upgrading your old mechanical locks with a technologically advanced electronic lock, Vertex Security is the company to contact.

All electronic locks use an electrical circuit to unlock a door, but many still may be opened manually with a key. When you install an electronic lock, you won’t ever need to change or rekey your locks again. All you have to do is to change your codes and once again, your home or business is secure!

There are a wide variety of electronic locks in the marketplace, such as Electronic Deadbolt locks, Keypad locks, and Magnetic locks, and each model or system comes with different features.

Allnet-Technology Systems can handle all types of installations from a simple household electronic lock and electric door strikes, to sophisticated systems with RFID capabilities. We can also install card-based access systems, and other advanced security control systems that feature biometric identification methods, (electronic fingerprints or retina scans) for entry access.


Allnet-Technology Systems offers electronic locks that can be operated by using a keypad, various types of key cards, biometric data, magnetic locks or electric strikes.

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